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Hey, there is 2 trojans in it. If you could fix it I can finally play the game without any fear lol


What kind of trojans and which program have reported it? My antivirus software didn't rise any alarms. And I got info about false positive cases.

I used a site called VirusTotal but there was only one report, so I don't know if you know what happened

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I had information about false positive cases from some users which uses different antivirus software.

Personally I use Windows Defender (which is quite good and up to date tool). I didn't got any information about viruses found in newest release. It happen in past that also Windows Defender raise some virus detection but I report my application to Microsoft they checked it and made update for Windows Defender to no report problem with it.

You can read it in dedicated post of forum

In general detection of viruses in different antivirus tools are done by heuristic algorithms. They try to "predict" if given part of code can be virus. Often it happen that it leads to warning which in fact are not viruses (that is called "false positive").

Of course if you afraid to install it do not do it.

From my side I can only said that if you got game from reliable source (where I put personally my game: which are / IndieDB / GamesJolt) it should not contains viruses.

Thanks for feedback.

hey, I’m using the windows defender and it says that the new version has a Trojan. Can you please fix it?

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It is false positive. The install file has been checked with many antivius tools and most of them do not detect any problem. You can see the report in below link (even Microsoft Defender has no problem with it)

Sometimes some antivirus software detects problem with unpopular application (which were not installed on thouseds of PCc). As they based on heuristic (simply saying guessing) they often makes false reports. By default windows suspect not popular program which are not digitally signed as this appp. Unfortunately signing which makes application safe from OS point of view is possible only for companies (as Movie Business is hobby project even if I would paid for certificate it will not be granted for private person).

From my side I can only says that few thousands of persons already installed latest version and they didn't get any problems.

But of course I totally understand that you may be scared with this install. If you have any doubts do not install it.

UPDATE: I reported it to Microsoft to check once again new version by them.

I have send it to Microsoft. And there is no problem with the file. It was rescaned and no problems was detected. Screenshot attached.

You can check it also under following url: Submission details (b3b93ea5-280a-4741-aead-927b4f8028c6) - Microsoft Security Intelligence

(but you will have to login with your Microsoft account).

Answer for Microsoft:

Analyst comments:

We have removed the detection. Please follow the steps below to clear cached detection and obtain the latest malware definitions.

1. Open command prompt as administrator and change directory to c:\Program Files\Windows Defender

2. Run “MpCmdRun.exe -removedefinitions -dynamicsignatures”

3. Run "MpCmdRun.exe -SignatureUpdate"

Alternatively, the latest definition is available for download here: Thank you for contacting Microsoft.

After performing this steps you antivirus should have no more problem with install file.

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I was  starting to use VirusTotal (nice tool by the way) and I would give you some hint how to interpret results (as you misinterpret it). VirusTotal uses one engine to check the file against many different antivirus tools. If during the checking it fails on some antivirus software it doesn't mean that the virus is inside. In case of BF2Setup indeed 2 of the AV software detect some problems (I have never hear about it before). But 62 other (with known names as Microsoft, Kaspersky, Symantec, McAfee) didn't found any problem.

Why those 2 has detected some problems? Because of they algorithm which is used to do heuristic (which in fact is guessinng). I do not know which algorithm is used for particular antivirus but I read on some dev forums some radiculitis rules like if code consist File.Exist method used it is marked as virus/malware/trojan/dangerous app.

The problem is that this is basic method which is used when you program application which uses files... in other case if file will not exist application crashes (you need to handle such cases in the code). If such rules are used that means that almost all programs will be treated as virus. And for such "antivirus" you have to be very skeptical.

So it is necessary to understand the result and use common sens when interpreting results of antivirus software.


I am not really movie fans, but this game is really attractive to me. So i like a tycoon game, and Movie Business 2 really satisfy my tycoon desires.

This game interface might a bit lacking, but the depth of the game is so addictive. I really enjoy making a movie script and experiment with different motives to match with the actors. And the randomness of the result is what makes it so fun.

And the funny thing is the movie titles does not always match the real ones, sometimes i laughed at the movie generated by the AI

This is a great game, also i need to ask how do you use a scout talent?


I am happy that you like the game.

Yes the interface is outdate this is fact...

The movies titles are random (apart from cult movies) and this is part of fun ...

Concerning scout talents check dev diary

Witam, uwielbiam tą grę, zawsze co kilka miesięcy wracam do niej i topie w niej przeważnie 10h. Trzymaj się Tomiga i Pozdrawiam Games Gal.

Cieszę się że podoba Ci się gra i wciąż sprawia Ci radość :)


Any chance of getting this ported to mobile?

Sorry but there is no such plans... game is too complex (UI has too many information for mobile screens) and... I do not know technology

thanks for making this unique game , why don't u publish it on steam ? for few bucks ?


Too much hassle with making it compatible with steam (I have never done it and number of hours to make it is not worth it) and there is too many copyrighted content in the game (photos of real person, real names, real film titles etc) which I would have to remove/replace... if you like the game you can still make donation... 


I love the game, but why the fuck do you have to block cheat engine? I hate developers who don't let players play how they want, as it is usually them just going out of their way to be a dick

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All cheat codes can be used only Quick Game... why long story... trophies, profiles, moviestatats would make no sense when if cheat modes were enabled in all games modes... and that is the reason that exists different game modes... to support different play styles.

Update: From edition 2020 cheat codes can be used also by donators (Bronze level) in Party Mode.

Agreed. This is an ongoing trend where devs connect career modes in games to an online leaderboard/trophy system where your progress and stats are compared against other players. Essentially, it has become an 'online' career mode. I don't care about trophies and leaderboards online with other people playing. The true 'offline' career mode experience is a dying breed. The solution would be to have both an online career mode with trophies/stats and an offline career mode where cheats and experimentation can be used to the player's content. Unfortunately, the offline game modes are being scratched in favor of online modes where you're constantly being compared with other players and unable to use cheats as a result. Not everyone wants to be online... bring offline back - and no, i'm not talking about party mode or quick mode or any of that bs. Rant over. 

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Could you explain me what is the point to use cheats in Career Mode in a way how this mode is designed in Movie Business? 

The games in old days were created to compete... where no online mode where possible Hall of Fame or Top Scores was the way to make competition (to beat your best score - so compete with yourself). Career is some kind of challenge. There is no point to use there cheat codes as this is against the main design purpose of these mode.

Let me explain briefly the modes in Movie Business.

Quick Game - this is sandbox where you can do whatever you want all cheat codes are enabled. No online stats so no need to compete. The only restriction is shorter game time (as there is no point to make it longer as cheat codes are enabled and game algorithms will not survive the strategies to fill up cash every round (as some players do).

Party Game - here you can choose if you want to play with standard approach (without cheat codes) and your films will be exported to MovieStats service. Or (if you are Donator) you will use cheat codes and your result will be no exported. 

Career Mode - these mode is for those who want to have some challenge. No cheat codes allowed as this is against the principle of this mode. You just check you skills in the game. 

So as you can see Movie Business provides different type of game for different player... whatever is your style you should be able to find something for you.

And the most important thing. The online stats is not only for player... it is for creators. To check how games behave in different situations, is there any problem with balance, which strategies works and which do not work. It is just big data to analyse to make game better.

This is very important for the game development especially such as Movie Business created by one person after hours... who do not have test division to test all possible scenarios. 

Please note that this is quite unique project... you will not find hundreds games like Movie Business (I am not talking about tycoons in general but about games about movie creation)  and even commercial one do not have a lot of features which you can find here... 

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Games like this in the old days were not designed the same way as this current trend. Hollywood Mogul always gave you the freedom to set up your career save the way you wanted. I'm also guessing you never used 'motherlode' in The Sims, huh? It exists to this day. The point is that not everyone who plays 'tycoon' style games wants to compete in an online leaderboard. Thanks for your non-answer though. Your free to make the game as you want. We're just giving a different viewpoint. Thank you. 


i love the game if there was one suggestion i would give. I love to test and develop by using the cheats and or cheat engine and i'm being punished for doing so? I started the game and attempted to you the browser cheat and was granted with it was too early? I think thats a bit unfair it being a singleplayer i should have the right to play according to my own taste.  Outside of that great game.


I do not think it is too big problem to play some rounds without cheats... really game is not so difficult.