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Probably, many times leaving the cinema you were convincing your friends, that you would make better movie, isn't it?

So, now you can give free rein to your hidden, a brilliant abilities and play as the movie producer.

Your tasks will include the selection of the cast, director, studio, appropriate advertise yours masterpiece. Then just to wait, until the film is completed assessments and reviews from critics, and also Box Office charts. If your production is to be really good, you have a chance to win prestigious awards.

Latest version 2018.0.3 (2018-10-13)

Previous version 2018.0.1 (2018-03-22) features

  • Analysis of films
  • The proposal to finance the film of some director
  • Filter by age of creators in the window of production.
  • New events on the set
  • Improvement of casting algorithms in cult films
  • Optimizations of loading cult movies
  • Optimization algorithms for festivals
  • improved reviews in English
  • as well as other fixes and improvements

Edition 2018 apart from new naming convention (yearly edition numbering) introduces many new elements, which allow even more realistic to show the world the Movie Business. Among the new items, that have been added in this release you will find:

  • Casting facilitating the decision whom to cast in your movie,
  • Events during the production and producer’s decisions, which require a dynamic players response to events, that happen on the set,
  • Contracts with artists to secure the use of a creator in any sequels,
  • Universes or meta-level allowing you to create complex relationships between your productions and the use of characters from other movies (crossovers),
  • Licenses the possibility of trading the rights to movies between players,
  • Gossips interesting event within the game world,
  • The player in the jury of the Festival, players with a high prestige may also be invited to the jury of festivals,
  • Improved artificial intelligence– Advanced artificial intelligence that uses sequels, trade licenses and casting makes, that the game begins to live its own life,
  • Tutorials explains the main concepts in the game,
  • among other things, improve the user interface and new algorithms for creators and reviews, bug fixes and balance and many other small improvements.

Several statistical information about edition 2018:

  • creators set version 49 containing more than 3300 creators
  • over 5200 reviews elements
  • over 10000 pictures of creators and iconic heroes

Previous release

  • Search engine (with cheat codes)
  • Tooltips for the most important windows
  • Additional scripts from friends (bonus for good relationships)
  • Opportunity to receive a cult movie script (if you have a good relationship with of the artist)
  • Added option to display festivals despite missing nomination for players
  • New types of scripts corrections (replace anime, replace non-actors)
  • The relationship with the artist influences his willingness to participate in the sequel
  • and others...

and many other updates, changes and modifications ...

The main features of the Movie Business 2:

  • local game from 1 to 15 players
  • 5 game modes (challenges, classic game, party game, career mode, quick game)
  • 6 film festivals, where the best movies compete for awards
  • up to 10 category, in which they are awarded prizes at festivals
  • 10 types of creators
  • 23 the main movie genres (and more than a dozen sub genres)
  • 31 challenges
  • more than 150 trophies to win
  • over 500 months in the course of a single game
  • over 550 images available for purchase (the possibility of investing in art)
  • over 1 000 cult movies
  • over 3 500 the real creators!!!
  • over 5 200 the elements of which are generated reviews (in Polish language and automatically translated into English)
  • almost 10 000 photos of the actual creators with cult characters photos


  • assistants providing tips and information,
  • cult movies - movies created based on IMDB data
  • investment (additional studio, art...),
  • different kind of sequels
  • bank and advertising,
  • 3 levels of difficulty and the ability to bring realism to the preferences of players,
  • the possibility of construction and expansion studios,
  • Box Office of best movies,
  • age categories,
  • statistics online at MovieStats,
  • automatic update sets,
  • advanced option associated with the artists (young creators, the aging of the creators, the presence of artists according to their period of creation),
  • the ability to create your own sets of creators using dedicated editor,
  • and, many other features...

and it is FREE!

WARNING: game may be challenging... but fun and has a lot of depth inside.

But Donors get additional Bonuses check details here

If you are the real fan of movies and cinema you have to try it!

More info, manuals and dev diary at: moviebusiness.tomiga.net

StatusIn development
Release date Mar 22, 2018
TagsEconomy, films, film-tycoon, hollywood, Management, mogul, movies, movie-tycoon, Turn-based, Tycoon
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Polish
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 16
LinksHomepage, Online Stats


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Lots of issues. Can't even play yet since it had an update and requires an admin password every time you attempt to launch it. It better be good.

1. Did you try to run it as administrator (right click on the icon and run as administrator)

2. Did you installed it on admin account and default directory? If not could you say which directory you are using?

3. What kind of windows do you have (10 or other)

4. What country are you from (which language version of Windows do you use)

Sorry it is better to send me private email (you can find info on official page)


I will appreciate all info...



wont let me play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand that you have some problems with running the game. Can you describe a bit more what kind of problem do you have?

it just says diego out

Sorry it is not enough information for me. Do you have some screenshot with the message? Send me to private mail (you can find it at official page of the game http://moviebusiness.tomiga.net ) with additonal info about your operation system, screen resolution.

thank you :D

but in general nothing is working... and i cant see anything but diego out