Movie Business 2 Edition 2021 ready for Oscars!

I am pleased to present the Movie Business 2 Editions 2021. 

The most important new functionalities and changes that you will find in this version are:

  • the ability to add your own monsters and cult character from the game
  • open answers to questions asked during interviews and press conferences
  • new type of players (no- players - VOD services, TV stations and Corporations)
  • Stories, i.e. mini-games, unexpected stories, quizzes and tests during a party game
  • artifacts as rewards for successfully completing stories
  • the ability to offer a role for creators
  • outsourcing of scriptwriters
  • Oscar acceptance speeches
  • the opportunity to admire your artifacts, cars, paintings and awards in a dedicated section
  • parties organized by friendly creators
  • and more, including UI and algorithm improvements, new creators and reviews, bug fixes and many other small improvements.

Some statistical information about the 2021 edition:

  • Creator Set version 66 with over 5,100 creators!
  • 5,900 review items
  • almost 15,000 photos of creators and cult characters

A more detailed description of all new features can be found in the dedicated devblog
Have Fun!


Movie Business Edition 2021 111 MB
Apr 21, 2021

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