Premiere! Movie Business 2 Edition 2019

After several weeks of intensive work, I would be happy to present Edition 2019 of Movie Business 2. But before you download a file a few words summarizing what you will find in this version.

If you didn’t hear about Movie Business game here short overview. This is tycoon like game where you can step into foot of Movie Producer. You choose/create script with one of over 20 genres fill up the cast, select studio and post-production. Make advertisement campaign and wait to finish the production and see reaction of critics and audience. If you film will be really good it can be considered at one of few prestigious film festival where can earn awards in few categories.

The game has long history (first version was created on Commodore 64 in 1993) and many unique features. While it does not bring attention with fancy looking interfaces there is a lot of content inside. Few games modes which you can choose depends on needs and skills, over 4200 real creators (few professions), cult characters (characters from famous movies), cult movies (created based on real films in IMDB), descriptive in depth reviews, possibility to invest/spend your cash on art or oldtimer cars, trophies, online statistics service with possibility to propose own creators and many, many more…

The most important new features and changes that you will find in this release:

  • Motives and tags, the ability to describe the script and movie with specific keywords (used later by different mechanics in the game),
  • Character types in the scenario, new possibilities during the creation of the scenario affecting the subsequent selection of the cast,
  • Modified game modes – changes to the game modes, among other things, a new career mode,
  • Festival gala  a new, more spectacular presentation of festivals,
  • Financial history and analysis new mechanisms for analyzing various aspects of your production,
  • Gifts , possibility of gaining the favor of creators by giving them “gifts”,
  • Test screening – new event during production - a test show for the audience,
  • New options for MovieStats – additional options to help you manage your account in MovieStats,
  • and others, including improvements to the user interface and algorithms, new creators and reviews, bug fixes and many other small improvements.

Several statistical information about the 2019 edition:

  • creators set version 52 containing over 4200 creators!
  • 5400 reviews elements
  • over 11 500 pictures of creators and iconic characters

Of course, as always, I look forward to your feedback, ideas, reactions and of course information about problems or errors.

I wish you to enjoy the game!

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Movie Business Edition 2019 63 MB
Feb 19, 2019

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